About Us

Sightseer Marine, Inc. specializes in Custom Built Aluminum Catamaran styled Pontoon Eco-Tour, Water Taxi, Sunset tour, Entertainment cruises, etc. type Boats.

  • We have been manufacturing these boats since 1997
  • Our passenger vessels are inspected to the highest level of CFR requirements for the class, not to the lower ratings of Round pontoon boats
  • All vessels are manufactured to the U.S. Coast Guard requirements in 46 CFR, subchapter T. as passenger boats
  • All boats are designed to and meet A.B.Y.C. (American Boat and Yacht Council) & ABS design Standards.
  • All inspected vessels come with Stability documentation from the U.S. Coast Guard and approved by our naval architect, showing maximum speed and wave- height capabilities. Typically 20+ knots & up to 4 ft Significant wave heights
  • All boats are built to be used in and around a saltwater environment and for daily use in commercial applications.
  • All Hulls & chassis are designed & built to ABS Partially Protected Standards for both partially protected routes & protected water routes
  • These boats are available with dual COI ratings on multiple routes
  • All boats are considered shallow draft under 24 inches
  • Now Offering Diesel Inboard & Outboard Powered Option
  • Member of ABYC & the PVA (Passenger Vessel Association)